60 Minute Sports Massage

By far the most popular treatment available. 60 minutes gives you the opportunity to have extended work on specific areas or give your body a bit of an MOT.

1 hour

£ 35.00

30 Minute Sports Massage

Ideal for those who have specific issues that need addressing or for on going remedial treatments. Be aware this treatment it is only available at Activate4 HQ and is not part of the Activate4 Loyalty Card scheme.

30 minutes

£ 20.00

90 Minute Sports Massage

90 minutes is ideal for area specific treatment combined with more general maintenance body work. If you are competitive with your sport then this treatment gives you an opportunity to get those “niggles” looked at as well as having time to work on developing your muscle profile.

1 hour and 30 minutes

£ 50.00

120 Minute Sports Massage

120 minute treatment can be spilt down into smaller sessions for family or friends. This represents great value and is ideal for social occasions.

2 hours

£ 65.00